Based on legend, it looks like we have a new king as someone has pulled the sword from the stone at Disneyland!

While some visiting the attraction might think that it’s simply disappeared for refurbishment, an anonymous Disneyland visitor assured us otherwise.

They said: “The sword is not removed for refurbishment. My friend Sam broke it last week when we went to Disneyland. He literally ripped it out. The staff said it was really old and that’s why he was able to so do. It was his first time at Disney and he’s a pretty buff dude. I told him if he pulled it out, he’d win a prize and he just used brute force I guess. It was broken and jagged. The staff said they taped it off so no one would stick their fingers in and cut it on the broken pieces left inside.”

Since the incident, Excalibur has returned to its anvil in front of the King Arthur carousel with a fresh lick of paint, ready for someone else to try their luck. At least we know it’s not impossible now!

In the 80’s there was a ceremony at the park where people would try their luck pulling the sword, but that ceremony soon ended and it has been over a decade since someone has managed to remove it.

King Arthur’s carousel has just been closed for planned refurbishment for several months, but you can still visit the mighty Excalibur sat in its golden anvil once again.