There’s no doubt that Forky was the breakout fan favourite from Toy Story 4 and if you can’t get enough of this lovable piece of ‘trash’, then you’re in luck as Disney+ will soon be releasing a new short series where he is the star of the show.

Forky Asks A Question is made up of 10 shorts and a trailer for the series has been unveiled in which he asks some of life’s biggest questions. From ‘what is cheese?’ to ‘what is art?’, he’s intrigued by all that life has to offer and it’s safe to say that he’s captured our hearts all over again.

Check out the trailer for Forky Asks A Question below.

Forky Asks A Question will be debuting on Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ on November 12.

With less than two weeks to go, we can’t wait to see what Forky and pals get up to!