Disney are expecting long lines for their new Star Wars rides as they are going to offer bathroom passes to people waiting too long, meaning they can go to the toilet, and come back without losing their place in line.

Upon their return, riders will wait in a ‘holding area’ by the FastPass line until the rest of their group gets to the front of the line. However, we’re not quite sure how it will work if you’re riding it alone.

The pass will be in the form of a lanyard with a queue re-entry pass attached and will be given to the guest by a Disney cast member. It will be available for the opening for two new attractions: Rise of the Resistance and Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.

Following the 6-hour wait for the opening of Avatar Flight of Passage, Disney are expecting a very similar wait so not only have they introduced the bathroom passes, but also entertainment, mobile apps, and snacks for people waiting in line.

The two attractions open at Disneyland on 31st May, and more Star Wars attractions will be unveiled at Walt Disney World on 29th August.