The new, 10-episode series will take place 15 years after the original movies aired, and will see the new cast putting on their own rendition of High School Musical.
Joshua Bassett of Nickelodeon show, ‘Game Shakers’ was previously announced as leading man, Ricky, and joining him is Bizaardvark‘s Olivia Rodrigo as his ex-girlfriend Nini, who has two mums.

‘Andi Mack’ star Sofia Wylie will play the role of transfer student Gina, who feels she deserves a better part in the show than she has. Her role sounds quite similar to that of Sharpay Evans in the original films.

Broadway star Kate Reinders as drama teacher Miss Jenn, while Mark St Cyr plays robotics teacher Mr Mazzara, who isn’t really a fan of the whole singing and dancing thing. Or is he?

“The challenge we handed the creative team was Herculean. How do you recapture the joy and the magic of the original High School Musical movie… and simultaneously reimagine it completely?” said Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer, Disney Channels Worldwide.

“That’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. And Tim and Oliver – and this amazingly talented and diverse cast and crew – have done exactly that!”

The show is currently under production, but is unclear of the release date.