Legendary comic writer and editor, Stan Lee has passed away today at 95 years old.
His daughter, J.C. Lee, told TMZ that Lee was rushed from his home in the Hollywood Hills this morning to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he died.

In 2016, Stan Lee said: “my eyesight has gotten terrible and I can’t read comic books any more.”

“The print is too small. Not only a comic book, but I can’t read the newspaper or a novel or anything. I miss reading 100 percent. It’s my biggest miss in the world.”

Stan Lee started working for Timely Comics, a predecessor to Marvel, in 1939 at age 17, and it wasn’t long until he started creating his own comics. His debut comic at Timely Comics was ‘Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge’ in Captain America Comics #3 (dated May 1941).

In the late 1950s, Lee was assigned to create a new superhero team to challenge DC’s Justice League. This was the birth of The Fantastic Four.

Lee then went on to create and co-create stars such as The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman and more.

When the comics became increasingly popular, movie rights were beginning to arise. Lee has featured in almost all of his own films, either in the background or hiding in plain sight.

Although Stan Lee has died aged 95, he lived long enough to see the huge success of his comics and for his characters to come to life both on-screen and now in attractions at Disney parks.

RIP Stan Lee, 28th December 1922 – 12th November 2018.