Everyone knows you can’t show up to a Disney park without a pair of iconic Mickey Mouse ears. But did you know you can find creative, one-of-a-kind ears if you look around? We’ve made a list of all our favourites and listed them right here for you to enjoy too. Choose wisely as you often get great character interactions if you wear the right ones. Just try not to lose them on the rides! Click the pictures to find out where to get them.

Light up Stitch Ears

We love these ears because: 1. WE LOVE STITCH, and 2. how amazing would these be at night?

The Little Mermaid Ears

Who doesn’t love a bit of The Little Mermaid? We wonder what Scuttle would call these…

Bridal party ears

Whether you’re on your hen do or are lucky enough to be getting married at Disneyland, these are the perfect ears for you. You can order them in plain white or sparkly, we’ll leave that up to you.

Eeyore-inspired flowery ears

We love, love, LOVE the floral ears you can find, but these, in particular, take our fancy. Purple, Eeyore, flowers, ears, what’s not to like?

Star Wars light up ears

Now your man has no excuse to not wear Disney ears. Now that Star Wars and Marvel are Disney, you can find all sorts of merchandise he can wear without complaining!

Halloween ears

Going to Disney for Halloween? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy this Mickey and Minnie Mouse pumpkin design.

Ears for your phone

Yes, you heard right, you can even get Mickey ears for your phone for that fan who loves Disney sooooooo much.